Dr Scott Fowler

Dr Scott Fowler graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science from the University of Melbourne in 1972. He worked in general practice for a number of years while completing his Dental Fellowship and Masters Degree in Crown and Bridge Dentistry from London University. In 1981, on returning from England, Dr Fowler commenced practice in East Melbourne and was appointed a Consultant Dentist at St Vincent’s Hospital for ten years and has been in the present rooms since 1993.

He has continued his interest in Restorative Dentistry, completing many short courses over the past forty years to supplement his initial, extended post graduate training. Dr Fowler has been active in the dental profession, having been chairman of a number of ADA committees.

Dr Fowler’s philosophy has always been to place long term patient needs first and has embraced the many new and exciting advances that have been made in Dentistry over his practicing life.

He enjoys the many challenges of Dentistry and especially his relationships with the practice’s long term patients.

Outside of dentistry, he is a keen golfer & avid cyclist.