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Preventative Dental Treatments & Maintenance

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Avoid dental disease down the track

We have your lifelong health in mind. That’s why our care is about preventing issues in the long-term – never about covering dental problems with “band-aids”.

Preventative dentistry involves regular check-ups to keep your smile healthy and help you to avoid disease. Our dental hygienists lead one of the longest-running dedicated preventative maintenance programs in Victoria. Together with our patients, we have seen the benefits of almost 25 years of proactive care – so you can rest assured that your next check-up is as comprehensive and thorough as possible.

What’s good for the mouth is good for the rest of the body

The health of your mouth can act as an indicator to your general wellbeing, displaying symptoms of larger, underlying problems. For example, there are proven scientific links between gum disease and diabetes, as well as heart disease. In fact, some research now suggests a link with Alzheimer’s disease. We watch medical research with great interest as more mouth-body links are found.

Our clinicians are trained to detect and address the root cause of your dental concerns. Should the cause be suspected to be a deeper underlying health issue, our dentists can recommend you to other health professionals to complement your care.

Preventative Care

What preventative maintenance involves

When you come in for an appointment with us, one of our highly trained dental hygienists will assess your mouth and provide guidance on how you can implement your own preventative measures. This regular self-maintenance can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing cumulative dental issues in future, such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, breath issues, cavities and tooth sensitivity.

Preventative maintenance check-ups are scheduled according to the status of your dental and gum health. Gum health cannot be accurately determined just by looking. A hygienist at Dentist of East Melbourne will check the health of your teeth, mouth and gums by measuring your gum health, to the millimetre, at six points around each tooth. These measurements are then monitored for the rest of your life. Any changes are therefore detected early – and treated – before they cause permanent damage by destroying the foundations under the gum. Our hygienists also recommend the best oral hygiene regimen for you.

What you can expect in an appointment with us:

We pride ourselves on being both personable and professional , gentle and caring. Let one of our practitioners assess your teeth and advise as to possible courses of action.

Screening picks up on things that may not otherwise be seen. Getting your mouth screened can help detect disease, including oral cancer.

Our hygienists will make an informed assessment of your teeth and gums, and consult with our dentists where applicable. After we’ve presented to you what options best suit your needs, you may choose what treatments you prefer – and when you’d like to start.

Remove tartar to improve gum health, prevent gum bleeding and address breath-related concerns. Your teeth will be polished, leaving them feeling fresh, healthy and clean! Our hygienists acknowledge that some patients have previously found teeth cleaning to be uncomfortable. With our hygienists’ focus being on total comfort, these same patients usually end up pleasantly surprised.

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