General Dentistry
General Dentistry

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Dentist of East Melbourne focuses on prevention, education and a holistic approach to your oral health. Whether you need root canal therapy, a dental crown or just a check up and clean, our team is trained to not just fix problems but also to determine and inform you as to the source, whilst also explaining how potential future problems can be avoided.

General Dentistry

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We offer complimentary 10-minute consultations to all of our first-time patients. From this initial contact, we can provide an indication as to what treatment options are available before you commit to a comprehensive dental examination – where we provide written options of possible treatments based on all your individual needs. We’ll keep you informed and in control of your dental health by allowing you to choose a course of treatment that suits you.

Nothing says long-term success better than decades’ worth of repeat clientele. Many of our patients bring in their children and family members, who, when they grow up, bring in their own partners and then their children for trusted treatment. Newer patients often bring in their parents for complimentary second opinions, especially when complex care is required – giving us the opportunity to pass smiles up and down through several generations.

For urgent dental care, call (03) 9663 8644. We allocate daily slots for emergency appointments, so if you’ve broken your tooth or have serious dental pain, give us a call to get it treated PRONTO!

General dentistry can include a number of procedures, such as dental implants, crowns, fillings, root canal treatment, extractions and periodontal therapy. While these treatments are important in fixing any dental issues you may have, your initial problems may be indicators of underlying health issues. Our dentists want to make sure you’re on track to reaching not just great dental but also great health.

Dentists of East Melbourne helps you understand your dental concerns. From the initial consultation to further preventative treatments, our dentists will not only give you solutions to any existing problems – they’ll also equip you with the knowledge you need to avoid issues down the track. Our team will precisely monitor your dental health to allow very early detection of any changes while they are more easily treatable, allowing you to achieve and maintain a high standard of dental health.

Dentists of East Melbourne has decades of experience that forms the foundations of the care we provide. We’ve seen it all and know how to address it. Our team also regularly attends leading edge professional development courses and events around the world to keep updated on the latest proven dental innovations and improvements. Combine this with over 60 years in dental care, and you get tailored solutions based on your needs and the options you choose.

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